Patricia Waller at Deschler Gallery

The knitted hands, bowls, skulls and weapons were skilfully executed and loaded with meaning, this powerful interpretation of our world today  using home-spun crafts is ingenious.

Textile and pattern, images of childhood innocence set against scenes of domestic violence and sexualised female body images are too a reminder that children are the innocent victims in conflicts at home and abroad.


Hello World at the Hamburger Bahnhof

This exhibition re-presented the museum's collection.  Despite there being so many great works from many well known late 19th and 20th Century artists, it was this painting,  'Native Winter Snow' by Canadian artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, that  struck me.   I also walked around Joseph Beuys giant sculptures made of tallow, animal fat, still warm in the middle. I am now reading the book in which Volker Harlan talks to Beuys about his ideas about art and environmental revolution.

Images from the East Side Gallery


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