New Studio Residency

As of today I am working with another artist, Donna Dutta who works with film and painting in an eight week residency at Islington Mill.  Donna and I are both participating in the Islington Mill Art Academy 12 month programme and as part of this we will be working using film, painting and projection in our temporary studio at the Regents Trading Estate.

Drawing the Brett Whiteley Way

I was lucky to have the chance to see this exhibition when I went to Sydney in December.  I’ve been a huge fan of Whiteley’s work for a few years now, I first some of his paintings at the Cairns Art Gallery in Queensland when we were living out there.   The shower in /Woman in the Bath 4/ (below) looks so inviting against what I think is his favourite deep ultramarine blue.     Brett Whitely exhibition ‘Drawing is Everything’ at the Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.