Unit 4 Residency Work in Progress

For the past 7 weeks I have been experimenting with large scale painting from film projected onto canvas and paper.

In this project I am drawing on influences including the neo-realist Kitchen Sink  artists of the 1960s for subject matter and that of the kinetic artists for their interest in capturing movement.  I want to subvert the formality of portraiture by both adopting the use of photographic process and projection by using it to capture dynamic portraits of people at work and play.

The work to me appears expressive in its generation of abstract marks, but is not wholly free or uninhibited.  Experimenting with both drawing and and oil paint, using colour, representation and line as a means to capture movement has also provided me with many ways in which to explore the subject, challenge the mark-making and push the mediums.

I have also been working collaboratively with artist, Donna Wood, to experiment with crowd scenes in film and on the streets, so there’s more to follow.

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