All We Have…end of year show

It’s the end of year show for the Islington Mill Art Academy this Friday 18th October, 6pm-9pm; Saturday  and Sunday from 12pm-5pm. Performances on Friday from 6.30pm

I’ve spent one year in a peer-led learning programme run by Islington Mill in Salford and this is our end of year show.  This exhibition will contain work from nine of those 13 artists who started on this progressive and experimental free art school, in which we would have no tutors, no set curriculum, just the willingness to work together and to see what happens. Maurice Carlin, Bill Campbell, Rachel Goodyear and Rivca Rubin have given us the space, nuture and support, for what has been an incredible experience.  Everyone in our cohort has taught me, made me laugh and get mad at some point, but it has been one of the most valuable experiences ever. We’ve produced work, collaborated, organised exhibitions, been on field trips, had residencies, forged partnerships, applied for opportunities and funding, created our own critical dialogues, learned from each other,  created and run workshops, supported one another and made stuff happen.   A lot has happened in just one year. All We Have Artists:  Hanaa Cara, Nancy Collantine, Jenny Gaskill, Thea Luckock, Paddy O’Donnell, Rebecca Smith and Kevin Boardman, Daniel Wiltshire, Donna Wood, Ruby Unsworth.  Thanks to special guest – our curator Fenne Van Den Heuvel. Andrew Hicklin will be showing his work and performance as part of another exhibition ‘In the Face of Adversity’ in Unit 4 at Islington Mill preview on Thursday 17th October from 6pm-9pm (no alcohol event) and continuing over the weekend.

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