GALA online exhibition on Instagram

I along with 6 Manchester artists who were part of the GALA exhibition at Victoria Baths in April took the decision to move our project online to Dez Rez Projects on Instagram.  Read about how we did it here on Northern Soul.

I will follow up soon with a blog about what happened, how we responded as a collective collaborative effort, through our work and through the presentation.

Four of my Victoria Baths GALA paintings

How do artists mount virtual exhibitions? We go behind the scenes of GALA at Manchester’s Victoria Baths

Back the Baths Crowdfunder rewards donated by the artists.

Artists supporting Victoria Baths crowdfunder.

The project also supported Victoria Baths’ crowdfunder #backthebaths with artwork donated for rewards by each of the artists.

15% of sales from work from the Gala online exhibition will go to Victoria Baths in support of its Back the Baths Crowdfunding appeal, launched to help the Baths stay afloat during the Covid crisis,  and artists are donating artwork for fundraising rewards for every donation of £1 or more and original/limited edition works for donations over £100.

Victoria Baths is one of Manchester’s absolute gems, a historic building full of social history, a fantastic events venue and a popular visitor attraction; sometimes the pool is filled for special one-off Swim for Restoration events. The building is partly restored and is run by a charitable trust. Loved by Mancunians and visitors to the city alike, it’s impossible to imagine Manchester without Victoria Baths.

GALA online exhibition

25th April-2nd May 2020 supporting Victoria Baths.

Alongside a gallery of new works, artists will be taking viewers on tours of temporary home studios in which they are creating work during isolation, sharing their processes and developing their work over the course of the week, and possibly beyond, on Instagram from Saturday 25th April -Saturday 2nd March.

Organised by Dez Rez Projects, a DIY artist-led pop up gallery and project space on Instagram @Dez_Rez_Projects, the artists have been responding to the theme of Victoria Baths and the social history, design and decorative aesthetics of this Edwardian public building, which was built as a public health intervention by Manchester City Council in 1906.

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