At the moment I’m working on my professional practice with Mark Devereux Projects‘ Studio Book programme.  Throughout this eight week course, I along with eleven other artists from around the UK and internationally have been learning about how to talk about our work, approaching our artists statement creatively, financially supporting our practice, mentorship and  much more.  In addition to Mark’s tutorials on Zoom we have organised peer group sessions in which we look at each others work to help to build a sort of dictionary or language around the work.  This has been just as interesting as the taught sessions.

Something happened during enforced lockdown that has led to my pushing forwards, investing in my future and in the absence of opportunities focusing inwards and on the work.  Although I believe that we should make what we want and trust our own vision, critical thought and discourse with other artists and the art community means that work can be pushed and developed further.  I find I really enjoy this part of examining the work and is a change from the solitary activity that often comes with time spent in the studio.