New paintings in Manchester Art Gallery

Three of my winter light paintings are now available in the Manchester Art Gallery Artists Shop.

61x43cm on heavy Gerstaecker printing cartridge paper 

Painting and monoprints using oil paint and oil sticks


This series of three monoprints I made from my studio windows, originally studies that responded to the site, concerned with light and landscape.  I have drawn into these monoprints using oil sticks and linseed oil,  attempting to manipulate the paint against the smoothness of the paper and the slick of the oil to build atmosphere and through transparency of paint, capture that quality of winter light and how it affects colour in the landscape.

Light Blessing, 61x43cm on heavy Gerstaecker paper

Low winter sun 61x43cm on heavy Gerstaecker paper


Pale land winter light 61x43cm on heavy Gerstaecker paper