Turps 2020-21 end of year show

Oceans Apart No.21 Ooh La La
90×90 oil on canvas

I went to the online private view for our end of year exhibition with Turps last night – what a fantastic show.  You can view the exhibition here.

Easy to navigate and such a wonderful array of painting.

“There are obvious visual connections that can be made when seeing the work of such a large group of artists.  Visual rhythms start to unfold, the echo of a shape or the recurrence of a similar hue.  But curating a show is not simply about establishing such clear connections; it is about juxtaposing differences, bringing together and highlighting oppositions.  Here there is no one prevailing genre, style or attitude.  The common denominator between these artists being their year spent together on the Turps Correspondence Course.  The scope of the artists involved has therefore produced an exhibition that covers the widest possible territory of painting, from hard-edge abstraction through to naturalistically described figuration.”

Scott McCracken