A Generous Space 3 Huddersfield Art Gallery

Barely, oil on canvas, 50x50cm

It’s fantastic to be nominated by one of my peers to exhibit in A Generous Space 3 organised by Matthew Burrows as part of the Artists Support Pledge.  Thanks to Uzma Sultan, an artist I met at the preview of the Beep Painting Prize last year.  Thanks for remembering me Uzma! Uzma’s work is also in the exhibition along with a lot of talented artists that I really admire.

All works in the exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery are less than £220.  The scheme is a fantastic idea that creates a market for smaller affordable works and when artists reach £1000 worth of sales they pledge to buy another artists work. My work is for sale and I will be adding more to the Artists Support Pledge over the next couple of weeks as I’m having a clear out of my studio.

The exhibition is open now until 9th September.


You can also follow and buy artists work from Artists Support Pledge via the hashtag #artistsupportpledge on Instagram.