Artists Statement









After completing her art foundation in 1989, Nancy worked in advertising and communications for 25 years, latterly specialising in promoting cultural events and arts.  It was when she moved to Australia in 2017, that Nancy returned to painting full time in order to learn.  It was here that she felt drawn to painting, the Australian landscape, the generous artist community and public support for painting makes it an exciting place to paint.  Now living in the UK she cites Australia’s light and landscape and the spirit of Australian painting as a significant influence in her practice.

Nancy works with paint, printmaking and collage, sliding between figuration and abstraction to respond to place, emotion and memory.  Using colour, composition and mark making to make work that may either denote harmony, energy, relationships and discord.

She aims to find, learn and discover through her practice of painting and drawing.  Her life, history, experience, learned design aesthetic and concerns are folded into her intuitive painting process and although an intention is the beginning, it is only afterwards that understanding might emerge.