Nan Collantine GALA exhibition

Nan Collantine’s film for the GALA exhibition on Dez Rez Projects in 2020.

During the lockdown imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, seven artists taking part in GALA which was to be part of Springfest at Victoria Baths, decided to take the exhibition online and respond to the situation by producing new works.  Using Instagram to show films and took part in live interviews about their processes and studio practice on Dez Rez Projects.

This is Nancy’s artists film and due to its length (approx 6 mins) they are in two parts.  In the first film Nan talks about her residency at Victoria Baths in 2019 and how she used that to produce this body of work.  The second part examines her themes and influences, including her own memories of holidays and swimming pools.  We can see the images of the artists’s workshe has drawn from including Australian artist Brett Whiteley, Leon Kossoff’s swimming pools and the figurative work of Henri Matisse, in producing this series of paintings.

To see images of the paintings visit the project pages here.

Nan Collantine GALA