Artists Statement

Nancy works with paint, drawing and collage, translating the objective into non-objective works, to respond to place, emotion and memory.  Using colour, composition and mark making to make work that may either denote harmony, energy, relationships and discord.

“As a medium of control and chaos, painting to me is exciting and challenging because I can’t ever predict the outcome. The process of layering, editing and eliminating is my way to find out how I really feel about a subject.  It is the most honest and intuitive commentary on my experience of the world.

I am currently interested in subjects that relate to nostalgia and memory, security, comfort and belonging – soft constructs that cushion us from reality;  yet might also imprison or exclude.

Nancy aims to find, learn and discover through her practice of painting and drawing.  Her life, history, experience, learned design aesthetic and concerns are folded into her intuitive painting process and although an intention is the beginning, it is only afterwards that understanding might emerge.