New work

New studio paintings using colour and layering of paint along with a motif that appears regularly in my gestures and sketches.  What I see, how I interpret that or create a shorthand for it.  The collage layering of work too, how one thing becomes another.   This is all happening alongside a few other projects I have going on but it helps to have a few things on the go and to switch between them as I wait to learn the next move.  

May Sketchbook

Together with Sophie Nixon, a friend and a fab painter of Manchester’s iconic buildings, I have challenged myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do…I’ve signed up for the Buxton Spa Prize.  It’s an en plein air competition that has already seen us out sketching in a designated spot in Buxton, Derbyshire. I’ve decided to combine printmaking and painting to produce the final piece of work.  Here are some of my sketches from the day.

Unit 4 Movement Residency with Donna Wood

Unit 4 residency March- April 2019 As well as working on our own projects relating to movement, we worked together on a series of paintings from film using projection.  These included moving self portraits and a crowd in a Liverpool street.