Victoria Baths Residency

Along with 5 other art academy group artists I have just completed a week long residency at Manchester’s historic Victoria Baths.    Working with Alison Kershaw artist, curator and associate of Pool Arts, we wanted to explore what an artists residency can be.  As each of us has our own disciplines, we are all responding in different ways, although there is a collaborative element to the project as we are working together. I am interested in the phenomenology of the space, this restoration building, suspended in time as a museum to swimming nostagia and a symbol of a former age of …

New work

New studio paintings using colour and layering of paint along with a motif that appears regularly in my gestures and sketches.  What I see, how I interpret that or create a shorthand for it.  The collage layering of work too, how one thing becomes another.   This is all happening alongside a few other projects I have going on but it helps to have a few things on the go and to switch between them as I wait to learn the next move.  

May Sketchbook

Together with Sophie Nixon, a friend and a fab painter of Manchester’s iconic buildings, I have challenged myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do…I’ve signed up for the Buxton Spa Prize.  It’s an en plein air competition that has already seen us out sketching in a designated spot in Buxton, Derbyshire. I’ve decided to combine printmaking and painting to produce the final piece of work.  Here are some of my sketches from the day.