Watch this Space

A new Watch this Space residency with Maddy Venus bringing together a collective of artists and makers to our Great Northern window on Deansgate, Manchester.  Install takes place from Monday 4th April.

Manchester Open 2022 Awards

My painting Oceans Apart No.20 (thin ice skating) was the winner of the Castlefield Gallery: Artist Professional Development Award – 50+ at the Manchester Open Awards presentation on Thursday.

New works in progress

I have started a new series of paintings working from my drawings of coastal areas.  By stretching and preparing the canvas myself I can control how much I want the canvas to absorb and leave raw areas of canvas exposed. The drawings I find translate well into paintings are those that are very open, containing very limited information and  space for me to play with a limited colour palette, translucency and obscuration.   By selecting the drawings that are enigmatic, it enables me to take the drawings at face value rather using them as a recall to memory.  The drawing is …