Supernatural landscapes and nature

Available works

Para amar (left) oil paint on box panel 30x24x8cm
Aterro do Flemengo oil paint on box panel
Faz casal sonhar (bottom right) oil paint on box panel

AVAILABLE £195 each

abstract landscape painting in pink and neutrals, lots of mark making

High Peak Highway, acrylic on panel, 50x75cm



Blossomiest Blossom, oil stick and acrylic on two panels, 50x50cm and 50x25cm


abstract landscape blue lines, white forms

Light Blessing, oil stick drawing over monoprint on Gerstaecker printing paper, 60x43cm


distance landscape, rural

Pale land, winter light, oil stick drawing over monoprint, on Gerstaeker paper 60x43cm


Nothing but nothing can stop us now, oil on panel, 35x35cm


yellow green and orange abstract landscape

She’s so strange, she’s my sister, oil on panel, 35x35cm SOLD


scratchy painting, autumnal colours

Find me here when it’s all over, oil on panel, 35x35cm SOLD

scratched painting, autumnal colours

Only your heart stands in my way, oil on panel, 35x35cm SOLD

natural forms

Effluoresence I&II, dyptich oil on panel, 30x30cm each SOLD    


orange/green abstract landscape

Summer, graphite and acrylic painting on paper, 60x85cm


For enquiries and to see larger images or more paintings by Nan Collantine contact Nan(at)