Oceans Apart Paintings

Yellow, green, orange squares on blue textured surface, transparent paint over layers

OA No.7 oil painting 50x50cm

painting oil and acrylic on board

OA No.15 oil and acrylic on cradled panel, 50x50cm

Oceans Apart No.0
oil on panel, 50x50cm

window, landscape, reds and green

OA No.2 oil and pencil on panel 50x50cm






window, light oranges, border of green and oranges

OA No.3 oil and pencil on panel, 50x50cm


window frame, light sunny day, landscape

OA No.16 oil on panel, 50x50cm


abstract urban landscape

OC No.17 oil on canvas 50x50cm

abstract landscape, red, dark blue and white-grey sky

No.18 Slider, oil on canvas 76x72cm

window transparency abstraction with orange, yellow and borders of green and dark blue

OA No.6 oil and pencil on panel, 50x50cm Currently showing at Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester

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