New works in progress

I have started a new series of paintings working from my drawings of coastal areas.  By stretching and preparing the canvas myself I can control how much I want the canvas to absorb and leave raw areas of canvas exposed. The drawings I find translate well into paintings are those that are very open, containing very limited information and  space for me to play with a limited colour palette, translucency and obscuration.   By selecting the drawings that are enigmatic, it enables me to take the drawings at face value rather using them as a recall to memory.  The drawing is …

100 works on paper update

My January project to produce 100 original works on paper using drawing, painting and collage is now coming to an end and there are still a few that haven’t been claimed, so read on if you would like to own one. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far from all around the world and for your donations to food bank charities.

New work

New studio paintings using colour and layering of paint along with a motif that appears regularly in my gestures and sketches.  What I see, how I interpret that or create a shorthand for it.  The collage layering of work too, how one thing becomes another.   This is all happening alongside a few other projects I have going on but it helps to have a few things on the go and to switch between them as I wait to learn the next move.