Your land is my land installation at 285 Deansgate

Your land is my land

In this painting Nan Collantine is responding to the poem  ‘The Wasteland” written by the poet, TS Elliot 100 years ago.

“I listened to the poem being read by Ted Hughes many times in the months preceding starting this painting. I was struck by the themes of loss and disorientation delivered by different voices in the text.  It is very much like an abstract painting in that the poem is not easily translated or readable.  There are references to other writers works and myths and it jumps about through time.  So I think it’s very much like a painting, because a painting is like a record of time.

I didn’t know I was responding to the poem when I started on the painting, in fact I was working from drawings I had made of coastal environments and landscapes and it was when the Russian invasion of Ukraine was taking place.

It was only after I’d finished and it was stood in my studio for a while that I made the link.   The link between what was going on in Ukraine, the painting and the poem.”

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