Watch this space artists maker window

Dez Rez Projects has been commissioned by Great Northern Warehouse to create a rolling exhibition programme in a temporary space in one of its shop windows on Deansgate, Manchester.

Our second window goes live this week, after a brilliant solo show by indie maker, Kitsch Republic.  Our latest features a range of artists and makers working in the mid-century modern tradition from around the Manchester region and more will be added over the coming weeks.

I love a good shop window display, they are an art form in their own right.  An empty shop window feels like a wasted opportunity, these are a fantastic and very accessible places to show art to everyone.  It’s also the perfect place to get out of the usual surroundings and try something new by setting up a temporary studio in an empty shop.

So to be asked to show artists and makers work in a shop window on Deansgate is fantastic.  The shop, otherwise known as a meanwhile space, is far from empty whilst awaiting its next tenant, and I’m working with marketing co-ordinator, Emma James of Places Made who is passionate about creating spaces that  work for the whole community, to fill this shop window full of art and interventions until there is a new tenant found for the shop – whenever that might be.

Dez Rez Projects is my side project to create DIY opportunities for early career artists.  Follow us on Instagram.